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    Individual Responsibility

    We believe we are each responsible for our learning and our behaviour.

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    Quality Expectations

    We maintain a focus on quality and high expectations to achieve it.

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    We believe in balancing success with challenge when designing learning experiences.

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    We adopt an optimistic approach believing we can help make a difference in learners' lives.

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    We believe all learners can learn and provide programs appropriate to an individual learner's needs.

Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, a technocrat, formed Jyotirmoy Education and Welfare Foundation in memory of his father Late Jyotirmoy Ganguli.

The main aim of the trust is to spearhead the cause of welfare specifically in the field of education.

The aim of the school is to bring about an all-round development and growth of each child. We at JPS (The Asian School for Excellence) have a dream of moulding the young minds of our future global citizens with latest educational technology in the ambience of Indian culture and traditional values. Our students are taught to take up challenges to be self-reliant and achieve their goals. We give them the right kind of exposure that widens their horizon and prepare them to become a global citizen.

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